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Terms and Conditions of Service


The Timemint.co website and the TimeMint application are created, produced, and operated by Nextspire.Co.Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or "We," in this service agreement. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of both the organization's information and employee data in accordance with the process set by the users in our system. The permissions set by the user are considered consent to distribute information according to the purposes set by the user in our system. Whether transmitting images, data, sounds, location coordinates, through email or LINE, the company will not be responsible for the consequences of forwarding information that the user has set to send to email or LINE to other individuals specified by the user. This includes even if it was an error in setting up in our system.

In addition, to maintain the integrity of the user organization's data, employee data, and any information generated from our website or app, we will not directly modify any user data to maintain the reliability of all user service data.

Request to change, delete, or add data at the database level: If any organization or agency that uses our system to log in time and transmit data through the system needs to make changes at the database level, we will not proceed in all cases unless there is a formal written request and has been certified by authorized personnel. Even if there is a letter as mentioned, the Company reserves the right to change the data at the database level to the right to consider whether to act or not. This may include a request to inspect documents or other evidence to use in considering changing any part of the data that can be performed at the level of direct access to the database. In the event of a dispute between the organization and its employees in the use of data, whether it is time logging data or otherwise, the organization can notify the company in writing to check the database level data. The purpose is to check for programming errors, programming relationships, and whether the logging data is correct or not. If those data are found to be incorrect due to script writing and recording from calculations by programs or scripts, we will correct the data according to the evidence found by the company.

Electronic images or any electronic data uploaded by the user to our service system must not violate good morals or corporate governance in the business conducted between employees and legal entities. In addition, electronic media images uploaded into the system must not contravene any laws in the Kingdom of Thailand. Any photographs or electronic media that are considered illegal or potentially criminal under the Computer Crime Act, such as pornographic images, will be immediately removed, relocated, or destroyed by the website and application administrators. We are not obligated to give prior notice. This is to ensure that the application is used for its intended purpose and is appropriate. The company reserves the right to directly notify you or your organization about inappropriate use of images in order to prevent problems that may arise in the future, both in terms of business ethics and laws enforced in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Information collected for marketing purposes: Cookies are installed on our website and application for the purpose of collecting data about how the site or application is used, and tracking user behavior. This is for the purpose of analyzing and improving the application and website usage process, and for analyzing for marketing purposes of the website. There is a sharing of data from external service providers who track such usage behavior. However, no personal data is shared with these providers whatsoever and is in accordance with standard cookie usage. However, you can choose to disable cookies on your website without affecting any use if you do not consent to tracking your website usage behavior.

Users agree to allow the company to use some or all of the data for service development or our service review. The company will directly notify the main user according to the information recorded in our system to inform which part of the data will be used for which service development or testing and for what purpose, or will make announcements through notification channels such as emails.

Any data generated from your account that is not continuously used for more than 2 months, we will proceed to delete the access rights from all websites or applications first. And we reserve the right to delete, destroy, or conversely, backup data in other forms that you may not be able to access by our service anymore. If you want to keep any data related to your user account, you can directly contact us to adjust the data retention period.

The company does not permit any user to modify, alter, or edit the software's entire or any part of the program instructions. The set of program instructions, software, and applications available for users to download are copyrighted by the company. If the company becomes aware or detects any alteration or modification of content or a part of the command code from the user's side, the company reserves the right to immediately refuse service and cancel the user's account without notification.

The company reserves the right to refuse service if users misuse the service: Usage must adhere to the purpose for which it has been designed. If we become aware that any user is engaging in behavior that does not align with the intended purpose of the system, in transmitting data through our website or application, we reserve the right to suspend the aforementioned service, regardless of whether payment has been made. The service provider reserves the right to terminate the service without a full refund if the user's actions are in violation of the service policy as mentioned above. The service provider reserves the right to decide whether the actions of the user violate any rules, regulations, or terms of service agreement.

Suspension or failure of the system and services: If you are unable to use the service due to unforeseen circumstances which cause the software to malfunction, you acknowledge and agree that the following cases are not our or the company's fault in any way:

(a) Suspension or maintenance of our website and application used for all or some services, either with prior notice or in the event of emergency maintenance due to the protection of the security of the command set, database, or program used to serve you.

(b) The failure to send or receive data from the suspension or damage of any telecommunication system that we use with other external organizations or service providers, related to the processing and use of data from various backend service providers.

(c) Service interruptions or delays due to electronic crimes or attacks.

Nevertheless, in any case that causes service problems, we will inspect, prevent, and find ways to restore the system to serve you in a reasonable time.

The provider will not be responsible for any damage to the correctness or loss of data for any reason, such as errors caused by the use of the service user's own equipment, or the service user accidentally deleting their own data or account or any unforeseen circumstances caused by the provider or the service user.

The content of articles and any content published through the provider's system should not include or fall under the following categories: sending chain messages to generate a large number of replies, repeatedly sending the same message to others, sending content that violates the rights and freedoms of individuals or threatens others, to name a few. Sending content or links to websites related to hacking, spreading viruses, or any other illegal activities, disrupting order and causing trouble for others, are also restricted. Sending links to websites that use scripts or any programs that interfere with the server's operations, such as excessive computation or memory usage, are not allowed. It's forbidden to send content or links to websites that infringe on someone else's trademarks, copyrights, or intellectual property, regardless of the country. Threats, fraud, false information, obscenity, narcotics, and anything that would harm the provider or company are also restricted. The provider reserves the right to delete and suspend the publication of any content that violates these terms without prior notice to the user.

Although we make every effort to ensure that our service users can access our services as much as possible whenever they want to use our services, the provider cannot guarantee 100% access to information at all times due to various unpredictable reasons and risks. These risks could arise from our system commands, changes in commands that occur during development, or from accessing server information that uses the company's service under the care of a hosting provider and database at DATA CENTER at CSloxinfo Internet Data Center, 16th floor, CAT Telecom building, Bang Rak, managed by CS Loxinfo Plc. The company, therefore, reserves the right to disclaim liability in cases arising from all the risks mentioned in this service agreement.

Furthermore, the provider reserves the right to change the terms of this service agreement at any time without prior notice to the user.

Equipment Insurance Policy and Equipment Service Fee Refund

Product Warranty Section: Any equipment sold for use in conjunction with our services is categorized into two main types. The first type is the outright sale to the customer or product purchaser, specifying a definite warranty period. The second type is a product sold together with services, stating that it comes with a lifetime warranty during the service period. These two types have different conditions as explained in the following documents.

In the case of outright sale: The hardware used for the TimeMint system, sold to customers, differs in warranty structure depending on the model, as indicated in the product price quotation document specifying the warranty period in days or months from the date you receive the product. This will be considered based on the date the product was shipped, using the proof from the shipping company. However, if you do not keep the tracking code or delivery receipt document, the date of the product payment by the customer will be considered as the start of the product and hardware warranty. Nonetheless, if you purchased without any price quotation, it is considered that such equipment will have a warranty period of 6 months unless specified differently in the price quotation document.

In the case where equipment is purchased along with a service contract that has a warranty during the service period: For equipment not sold outright, it is considered as warranty, or we can say, guaranteed for the service life. Such equipment is part of our service so that we can get data or customers can use it under service conditions and is not expired. This service period warranty, the warranty period will be equivalent to the period of the account in the TimeMint system that has not been removed from the system according to the conditions of using the account on the TimeMint system. Equipment under the service life warranty will be reserved or replaced for the service users and sent to the customer in a suitable period. However, we reserve the right to seek equipment that may not be the original model for replacement or there may be changes to the type of machine or equipment depending on whether the product is still being produced or sold in the market.

Product Warranty Terms: Devices within the warranty period must be used under normal operating conditions for that type of product and must not be used for unintended purposes or in a manner inconsistent with the device's intended use. In addition, the device must not be subjected to drops, impacts, or water exposure of any kind. If the device is damaged due to abnormal or more severe usage than normal, the customer will not be able to claim the warranty. In this case, the customer may need to purchase a new replacement product for continued use. However, for cases where the device has a time-based warranty, if there is abnormal usage or damage from non-normal operating conditions such as drops or water exposure, the customer may need to purchase the same or another model as a replacement for the damaged device in order for us to continue providing service according to the agreed-upon time frame based on the TimeMint service system.

Hardware Refund Policy: If you have already paid for a device, regardless of the method of payment, whether through purchase or with a service, these device fees cannot be refunded under any circumstances. However, if you find that the device has issues in operation or you believe it was damaged or defective upon delivery, you can contact us through any channel, and the terms will be considered as a replacement or repair of the device according to the warranty period for each product.